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Taiysha Brown
Certified Sisterlocks™ Consultant
email: locks@medialinkx.com
ph: 678-865-8099

Hi, my name is Taiysha.
When I first began contemplating getting Sisterlocks, I was terrified. I did not know how to take care of my hair in its natural state and I thought I was going to look unattractive without long, straight hair. But I had to do something because my hair was falling out from years of relaxers, weaves, extension-braids, and hot-presses.

So in 1998, I went all natural. Now, anyone that has tightly coiled hair knows that being natural can require a great deal of time when it comes to styling. It was especially challenging wearing afros and braid-outs because my hair would shrink if the weather was humid or if it was raining. Also, I had to spend a great deal of money on hair products that produced what I called a "refined natural look", more commonly known as the crinkly or new afro. I used grease, gels, shea butters, you name it! But after a while, I got tired of the continuous upkeep, plus I could not wet my hair, work-out excessively (sweat), or go swimming without dramatically altering the style that I had intended for that day. So, in essence, my hair was free of harsh chemicals, but I still was not living freely.

So, then I tried traditional locks, and man I thought I had it made. I was under the impression that there was no more daily maintenance and that I could wet my hair without having to worry about loosing my style. Boy was I wrong. I could not swim or wet my hair because the gel at the root of my hair would moisten my new growth and my hair would unravel. So basically when my hair got wet, I looked a hot mess.

Well eventually, after seven years of traditional locks, I began my Sisterlocks ™ journey. Yes, I did the big chop. I was scared as all get up. I cried, I contemplated, but I made the change. The change for my future. I knew If I was going to live out the rest of my life and my destiny, I had to let it go. It was that serious at the time!

Looking back now I can say, Sisterlocks has been one of the best investments that I have made towards my future besides my education. I am a free women, and I owe it all to Dr. Joanne Cornwell, the creator of sisterlocks. And because Dr. Joanne Cornwell has created a curriculum that duplicates this fabulous hair-care system, I now have the opportunity to offer Sisterlocks to you.

As your consultant, I will take great care to listen to your concerns. I understand what your going through and I will provide you the best Sisterlocks pattern for your hair type and lifestyle. I will walk you through the process of what to expect as your hair matures and how to properly care for your locks during every stage. My hope is that you will fall madly in love with your hair and that you will radiate irresistibly from your immaculate natural beauty.

So, don't be afraid, I can assure you, the first step is the most difficult. I know you may feel that no one understands what you are going through, but I want you to know that I do understand. I went through the same emotions you are feeling right now and If you are at the point where I was, you know this step is something you have to do for yourself.

With that being said, coupled with the fact that I posted some pretty embarrassing photographs of myself, if your ready, pick up the phone or book your appointment online now. You have nothing to loose and everything to re-gain. It's a new day, and you will be amazed as Sisterlocks will not only transform your perception of your hair, but every aspect of your life.
Welcome to your new beginning! Welcome to Sisterlocks!








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