Full Install $550 & up
High Density Install $675 & up
Micro Install $1000 & up
Retightenings - Regular Clients (on-schedule) $ 135/3hrs ($25 each additional)
Retightenings - Regular Clients (off schedule) ($135) + (weekly rate X weeks missed)
Other repair services may apply.
Retightenings Transfer Clients
click here to read our Tranfer client Policy
$160 /3hrs ($35 each additional)
Other repair services may apply) read FAQs
Sisterlocks Retightening Classes $250 /including supplies
Lock Reconstruction $40 per hour
Sisterlock Style $65 & up
Sisterlocks Shampoos & Products $15 click here to buy

Consultation Fee - $35
per person / non-refundable / cannot reschedule
Please read our Policy

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How can you get sisterlocks™?

Sisterlocks™ are offered in a package of 3 visits:

First Visit: The Consultation
During this session we will discuss your personal hair history, your styling preferences and your lifestyle in order to determine if Sisterlocks is right for you. Your hair should be cleaned and free of any grease, gels , conditioner, ect... We place tester locks in your hair which you should keep for at least a week or one shampoo wash. At that time you will be quoted a price. We ask that you reserve 2 hours for your consultation.

Second Visit: The Locking Session
Your second visit is your locking session. For the installation of your locks, based on the length and density of your hair, we generally break your installation up in 1-2 day segments from 10-13 hours. We start as early as 7am.
We take 2 half hour breaks for lunch and for dinner. We ask that you bring your food, a good book, and or several DVD movies while you get your hair locked. Once your installation is complete, you will be given a complementary Sisterlocks Kit complete with starter shampoo, hair bands and Sisterlocks instructions. Once your installation is complete, we schedule your 3 week follow-up visit.

Third Visit: Follow up
Your 3 week follow-up visit is a way to monitor the progress of your locks. During your follow-up visit you will receive a complementary mini-retightening and be placed on a retightening schedule. Please set aside 3 - 4 hours for your 3 week follow-up.

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is simple: If your on time, you don't wait in line. Because we value your time and appreciate your continued business, we make it our business to provide our services to you on time and on schedule. We guarantee that you will not spend a whole day in the salon because you were waiting around for services to begin or to be completed. For more details, please read about our courtesy calls in our sisterlocks policy below.

Our Policy


Medialinkx Policy Agreement (sisterlocks services)

By booking services with us you agree to the terms set forth therein.

Consultation Fees
A consultation fee of $35 per person is required for new installations. Consultation fees are non-refundable and can not be applied towards another date should the client decide to cancel. To book your consultation, click here

1/2 payment is required to book an installation date. Because we close 2 to 3 days of business, this payment is a retainer and is non-refundable nor can original dates be rescheduled should the client decide to cancel. The balance of the payment is due the first day of installation, before the session begins.

Payments can be made online or in person. Credit cards, cash and PayPal are the accepted forms of payment. For online payments, fees apply. To calculate your fee, click here.     Click here - To make your 1/2 down payment after you were quoted a price during your consultation.

Cancellations and Rescheduling
For retightening services, clients shall notify their consultant 48 hours in advance to reschedule their appointment. Clients shall reschedule or cancel appointments by clicking the link provided in their appointment confirmation email. Clients should not call in to reschedule. A $35 dollar cancellation fee applies if the client does not give 48 hour notice. Cancellation fees can be paid before appointments here, or after completion of service. In addition to cancellation fees, a prepayment of $30 dollar is required in order to reschedule an appointment. This prepayment is applied toward the rescheduled service and is paid by clicking the reschedule/cancellation link provided within the original appointment confirmation email. If the client cancels their rescheduled appointment, this prepayment is non-refundable and can not be applied to another date. If clients are a week or more off schedule, other repair services may apply and can only be assessed during the client's rescheduled appointment. Medialinkx reserves the right to discontinue service for repeat cancellations.  

For installations, if an entire day is lost due to rescheduling after the installation begins, a lost day fee of $200 dollars will be charged to the client's account and is due on the day and before their installation resumes. No additional fees apply if a day lost fee is incurred.

Installations are blocked 10 hours each day unless otherwised noted. Proper arrangements should be made to attend the entire day before booking an installation service. If time is lost due to the client leavings early, taking excessive or long breaks, or for any reason whatsoever, the time lost will be assessed as a late fee. See paragraph: "courtesy calls" below for late fee schedule.

Clients that are sick, at any stage, should reschedule.  If client exhibits signs of illness, they will be rescheduled. Cancellation and pre-payment fees apply if 48 hour notice has not been giving. If illness occured within 48 hours of appointment, client can submit their doctor's documenation to waive the cancellation fee.

Preparation for Installation and Retightening Services
All clients must wash their hair at least 2 days before their service.  The hair should be free of any conditioner, grease, ect… Installations are broken into 2 to 3 days. Each day is blocked for 10 hours.  2 half hour breaks are taken - one for lunch and one for dinner.  Clients are to provide their own meals.  Clients are also encouraged to bring books, Cd’s and or DVD’s.

About your 3 week follow-up.
As a part of the Sisterlocks package, all clients receive a complimentary 3 week follow-up after their installation. If the client does not make this appointment within 3 weeks, the 3 week follow-up appointment will be void. The next appointment would be considered a full retightening session where normal rates apply.

Underage Children
Children are not allowed during installations and retightening services, however, children can attend consultations.

Transfer Clients
For the purposes of retightening services, Medialinkx defines transfer clients as a customer that has not had their Sisterlocks or Brotherlocks installed by Medialinkx or as a client that has not received retightening services from us within 2 months.
Click here for the Transfer Client Policy --AND ALSO-- Click here for Transfer Client FAQs

Smoking is strictly prohibited on the premises.

Courtesy Calls
For installation services, clients should call in advance if they are running late or if they will be leaving early. Because unexpected delays can backup subsequent services, clients more than 45 minutes late or clients that leave early will be charged accordingly: $35 for the first $45 minutes. Each additional 10 minutes is $5 dollars. For retightening services, clients will be charged $15 if they are more than 15 minutes late, each additional 10 minutes is $5 dollars. Medialinkx reserves the right to cancel any appointment should the estimated time of arrival conflict with other client services throughout the day or week. Medialinkx also reserves the right to discontinue service for excessive tardiness and repeat cancellations.

Disclosure of Usage
Medialinkx reserves the right to photograph all work for demonstrative purposes.

Referral fee: each install referral take $25 off 1 retightening services. Referrals are non-transferable.
Note: all terms are subject to change without notification.








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