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Transfer Client Policy (sisterlocks services)

This policy, in addition to the Medialinkx Policy Agreement, shall apply to all transfer clients. All new transfer clients shall sign the terms of this agreement before being serviced.   Click here to view our Medialinkx Policy Agreement.
Click here to sign our Transfer Client Policy.

For retightening purposes, Medialinkx defines transfer clients as a customer that has not had their Sisterlocks or Brotherlocks installed by Medialinkx or as a client that has not received retightening services from us within 2 months.

Additional Services
Rates for transfer client retightening services are for new clients that are on schedule and do not have micro sister locks. Additional fees will be assessed for repair, reconstruction, slippage, over growth due to deferred maintenance, microlocks and any other circumstance that does not constitute a regular retightening service.

Cancellations and Late Arrivals
Clients should call in advance if they are running late. If transfer client does not arrive within $20 minutes of their appointment time, Medialinkx reserves the right to cancel. Upon cancellation, client will be charged $60 and will receive a refund for the balance of their payment.

Transfer clients may reschedule their appointment no later than 2 days (48hours) before their service. All rescheduled dates are based on availability. A reschedule fee of $30 applies.

Before your service
Client's hair should be shampooed and clean 1 to 3 days before your appointment. If the hair is not clean, you may elect for shampoo service during your appointment.

Underage Children
Children are not allowed during services; however, children can attend consultations.

In order to become a transfer client under regular retightening rates, you must do the following:

1. Submit a request.  
click here to submit a request

2. Receive a consultation after your request is approved. (consultations are conducted online and/ or during retightening service. No additional consultation fee or appointment is required.)

3. Sign the Sisterlocks Client Agreement.

4. Maintain a retightening schedule determined by the consultant. Please note: client needs to have at least two back to back appointments at the transfer client rate in order for the consultant to determine the recommended frequency of retightening services.

5. Schedule all appointments in our salon directly after service. (If client decides not to schedule appointments in the salon directly after service, clients will book online where transfer rates apply.)

6. Have no more than 2 cancellations per year.
 Clients who have 2 cancellations shall revert back to transfer client's rates and book all appointments online.
 Clients who have 3 cancellations per year will not be able to schedule another appointment.

Please note: If you have micro Sisterlocks or more than 13 inches in length of hair, you do not qualify for regular retightening rates. Please see your consultant for pricing.

All appointments are booked online through our website via the appointment and book now links.
Click here to book your appointment.

Current prices for transfer clients are always posted on our website. Click here to view our current prices for transfer clients.
For more information regarding our transfer client services, please read: "Transfer Client Frequently Asked Questions".
Click here for Transfer Client FAQs

Note: all terms are subject to change without notification.








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